Clean Air Purifier: The Basics

Clean Air PurifierWhy all the fuss about the importance of clean air purifiers?  It seem like everywhere we look we are being told that the air we breathe is chalk full of pollutants, chemicals, and particulates that can damage our health.  Truthfully, it can seem a bit sensational.  Many of us are left wondering “is this really something I should worry about for myself, my family?”

The truth is, no need to worry your heart out, but there is good sense in the old adage – knowledge is power.  Arm yourself with the knowledge you need about air purification in your home or work place, and then take the simple steps necessary to address the issue.  Your health will thank you for it!

Let’s start with the home.  Clean air in the home is very important as poor air quality can really bring negative health consequences for you and your family.  Many people overlook indoor air quality and just tend to think of air quality as something “outside” like factory pollution or smog.  Well, the truth is, there is actually much more pollution right inside our homes and workplaces.

The air inside our homes can be polluted by a myriad of substances and particulates – lead (from old lead paint in the form of dust), formaldehyde, fire-retardants, radon, in some cases volatile chemicals from cleaning products, etc… There are some kinds of pollutants that we actually track into our homes, and some that may arrive along with a new piece of furniture, new mattress, or even a fresh coat of paint in a bedroom or elsewhere.

So what is to be done?  We want and deserve clean air in the home, so what’s our best bet?  You guessed it, a clean air purifier.  Clean Air Purifiers, or sometimes called clean air filters, HEPA filters, air purifiers, and the like, are powerfully effective with the latest technologies and have known to remove up to 98% of the particulate matter in the air (provided you purchase a quality air filter).

But first, let’s look at 3 things you can do to improve indoor air quality, before getting your air filter.

1)      Keep the floors clean:  Vacuum regularly with a good quality vacuum, that’s an obvious one.   Mop and Swiffer non-carpeted areas regularly (at least once per week). Use quality floor mats at all transitions into the home.

2)      Never smoke in your home: We’ll cut right to it. Cigarette smoke has been proven to contain greater than 4,000 chemicals. We won’t belabour this one, it should be obvious, the chemicals in the air and leaching into your walls from cigarette smoke in the home are truly astounding.  So avoid smoking in the home!

3)      Watch that humidity: In-home humidity should be controlled and kept ideally in the range of 30%-50%. Why?  Because mold loves humidity, and so do nasty things like dust mites.  So keeping things less moist in the air will improve air quality.  You can purchase a simple dehumidifier from your local home improvement store and very effectively keep humidity within healthy ranges.

There are many more steps we can take, but let’s move on to the slam dunk of indoor air quality improvements – the clean air purifier.

Clean air purifiers come in many forms, but the most effective by far is the HEPA Air Purifier. A true HEPA air purifier or ‘high-efficiency particulate air’ air purifier, if you prefer, can reduce your indoor air particulates by 99.97%!  That’s air cleaning power!  Read More…